Through the split canvases that form Von Allin’s breadth of work, the artist explores universal themes such as breaking up, sticking together, being caught up, holding onto the old—as well as onto the new that can arise from it. The artist physically divides the canvas in order to reinforce and encapsulate a feeling of change. The divided canvases also allow for these sculptural paintings to capture a sense of rupture and of a harmonious falling into place. In this sense, the paintings become installations.

The 2020 pandemic proved to serve as another source of inspiration for Von Allin. While the pandemic collectively demanded a lot from us, the artist felt compelled to put out hope for a brighter future through her split oeuvres. While the breaks and cuts are still there subliminally, the desire for lightness, colour, and brighter days ahead champions further after the storm.

The recent incorporation of ribbons in particular speak to this message of resilience and a love of living. Elegantly stretched around the picture frame, they demonstrate the strength that holds us together… ultimately serving as a gift to ourselves.